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Terms of use

Dear users, please carefully read the Terms of use, which is an agreement between the user and Max Express (hereinafter - the “Agreement”).

On our platform you can replenish your game account of online games, which are presented on maxexpress.ge.

Using our Service, you automatically accept the terms of this Agreement and must strictly adhere to the following terms of use of our Service and other terms of service.

If you don’t agree with all the Terms and Conditions provided in this Agreement, you must immediately stop using our services.

You can get our Service with the following tools: Website, self-service terminal.

All our minimum and maximum commissions can be found on our website maxexpress.ge

Payment order is considered accepted from the moment of payment confirmation. Payment confirmation is the following:

  • 1. In case of using the website for receiving the service - click on the “Payment” button
  • 2. In case of using a self-service terminal - input money into the device.

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1. For the purposes of unambiguous interpretation, the terms set forth below are used in the meaning as follows:

1.1.1. Site – the website available in the Internet at the address: maxexpress.ge where the respective Services and methods of payment for services use are available.

1.1.2. Offer Acceptance – a complete and unconditional acceptance of the Offer by execution of actions set out in Section 3 of the Offer. The Offer Acceptance is deemed to be the Agreement conclusion.

1.1.3. Service – the online service (Online games, social networks) available in the Internet at the address: maxexpress.ge with a possibility to replenish a virtual account.

1.1.4 Virtual Account – an account used in the Service where a certain in-game currency necessary for usage of the Service additional options (payment for playing, the Service services) is available.

1.1.5. Services – the list of services provided by the Contractor by affording the User an opportunity (IT support) to replenish his game account in an online game directly through the Contractor’s Service.

The list of services provided by the Contractor under this Agreement is as follows:

1) to enable the User to use the Service online for the purpose of an online game account replenishment using the proposed methods including without need to sign up on the site and with the need to create the User account that provides additional features (e.g. to track the data of the Dashboard, track the replenishment statistics, participate in loyalty programs and bonus offers, etc.);
2) to work with the User’s reports of potential errors in the Service performance by interaction with  service providers;
3) to consult the User on the Service options, as well as on working with it.

1.1.6. User – a natural person or legal entity that signed up on the Login page as the User of the services, with provision to him the ID code (login). The User uses the services under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

1.1.7. Software – the software used for performing the IT interaction between the Contractor and service providers.

1.1.8. Contractor (Operator) – “Max Express” LTD providing IT services by making the respective information available on websites for the purposes of performing payment for services by means of integration through the Site.

1.1.9. Contractor / User are collectively referred to as the Parties.

1.1.10. Partner - the company Max Express LTD, Registered address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Vake district, Vazha Pshavela 45, which is representative of the providers of services and gives users the ability to replenish the Service for the purposes of receiving, accumulation and using of game currency.

1.2. The Agreement may contain terms that are not defined in C. 1.1 of the Agreement. In that event the term interpretation shall be made in accordance with the text of the Agreement. If there is no unambiguous term interpretation, it is necessary to use the term interpretation defined first of all – by the laws of Ukraine, secondarily – on the site maxexpress.ge, and then by commonly accepted interpretation of the provision.

2. The subject matter of the agreement

2.1. Hereunder the Contractor affords the User an opportunity to make use of the Platform for the Service replenishment for the purposes of the in-game currency receipt, accumulation and use by way of coordination with the rules therein defined. In addition, hereunder the Contractor grants the User the access to the Platform services;

ensures acceptance and execution of the User’s Reports; ensures data and message exchange using the Platform services.

2.2. The Agreement Price is determined by the list of the services paid-up by the User during the period of validity of this Agreement, chosen by the User, and made available by the Contractor in the Internet at the address: maxexpress.ge

3. TERMS of the Services Provision

3.1. The User undertakes before acceptance of the Agreement terms and conditions to read this Agreement terms and conditions and review the rate plans for replenishment by one of the methods made available by the Contractor on the Site.

3.2. The User shall be solely liable for confidentiality of the User’s login details (logins, passwords). All actions performed using the User’s logins, passwords are considered to be performed by the User. The User shall be solely liable to third parties for any actions performed using the User’s logins, passwords. The Contractor shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of the User’s logins, passwords by third parties.

3.3. By accepting this Agreement terms and conditions the User waives any claims against the Contractor if the data indicated in the account replenishment fails to meet his specific purposes and expectations.

3.4. The Platform Operator reserves the right on a unilateral basis to terminate the User’s access to the Platform Website (fully or partially) at any time subject to prior notice or without it if the User is caught in a fraud.

4. The rights and obligations of the Contractor

The Contractor is obliged to:

4.1. Provide Services to the User by way of affording an opportunity to replenish accounts of services according to the Agreement and rate plan set in accordance with the account replenishment method by way of interaction with services (service providers).

4.2. During providing the services under the Agreement to provide the User the access to Service functionality through the client web-interface using the User’s logins and passwords; at that, the Contractor shall not be liable if the User is not able to use the Service functionality for reasons beyond the Contractor’s control.

4.3. Temporarily suspend the access to the services Client due to technical or other problems impeding the services provision while these problems are addressed.

5. The rights and obligations of the USER

5.1. The User shall have the right to the appropriate service receiving.

5.2. The User shall agree not to use the Site for violation of the laws of Georgia or international law or for the purposes of the Site malfunction.

Account Security

You must protect any details of your electronic account (phone number, password, email address, etc.), and you shouldn’t disclose what was marked in any form to third parties. For security account is offered:

• Periodically change the password (at least once in 3 months).

• In order not make it easily accessible to other persons, don’t store your account details.

• Don’t choose a password that is easy to guess or that has any meaning and can be easily guessed by others.

• Protect the mobile phone number specified during registration, as the mobile phone number provides account authorization (SMS authorization). In case of changing the mobile phone number, immediately indicate the new number to which you want to receive an authorization code.

We are not responsible for your failure to comply with the security measures for your personal account.

We have the right to block / suspend your account if you violate the terms of use of your account and / or the provisions of this Agreement or in other cases provided by law.

6. The Contractor’s ownership and intellectual property

6.1. The User agrees and acknowledges that the Service and all necessary programs associated with it contain confidential information and are legally protected. Neither the User nor other persons with the assistance of the User will copy and modify the Service software; create any programs being derivatives of the Service software; intervene into the Service software in order to receive program codes, the Users’ accounts and passwords.

6.2. All results of intellectual activity (site design elements, symbols, logotypes, texts, graphics images, artwork, photos and other objects) used or available on the website, as well as the Site itself are the intellectual property of their legal copyright holders and are protected by the Law of Georgia “On Copyright and Related Rights” and by the norms of international law in the area of title to intellectual property defense.

7. Jurisdiction

Signing this Agreement and accepting our Services means that this Agreement is drawn up in Georgia, namely in Tbilisi.

Disputes arising between the parties are settled by negotiation. If the parties cannot agree, the Tbilisi Municipal Court is considered authorized by the court to resolve the dispute.

None of the provisions of the Agreement creates a partnership, working relationship or representation between you and us. This Agreement has no third party beneficiary. You are not allowed to transfer this Agreement or the rights and obligations granted by this Agreement, in whole or in part, to third parties without our prior written consent. Any such attempt on your part will be void.

8. The Term of the Offer

8.1. The Offer shall take effect as from the date of becoming available in the Internet at the address: maxexpress.ge and it shall remain in effect until revoked or amended by the Contractor.

9. The procedure of making amendments in the Agreement

9.1. The User agrees and acknowledges that making amendments in the Offer results in making the same amendments in the Agreement concluded and existing between the User and Contractor, and these amendments shall take effect alongside with making amendments in the Offer.

9.2. The Offer revocation does not terminate the Agreement concluded and existing between the User and Contractor.

10. Liability of the parties, restrictions and settlement of disputes

10.1. The Parties shall be liable for breach of the Agreement under the existing laws of Ukraine.

10.2. The User understands and agrees that the Contractor shall not be liable for the content made available by the User on the Site. The User shall be absolutely liable for the whole content he makes available, sends, conveys or makes accessible in any manner using the Service.

10.3. The User understands and agrees that the Contractor performs all necessary actions in order to ensure the high-quality provision of services. At that, the Contractor shall not be liable to the User for a loss, damage or inaccessibility of the information made available by the User on the Site.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1. The User may send any messages under the Agreement to the Contractor at the e-mail specified on the Site.

11.2. A potential invalidity of one or more terms and conditions of the Agreement shall not result in invalidity of the entire Agreement or its particular parts remaining in effect.

11.3. The User gives the Contractor consent to processing and use of the personal data that may come to his knowledge during the performance of the Agreement in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data.”

11.4. The refund is made in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, tariff application rules, established by the service provider. The procedure of application for refund and technical refund procedure for user are regulated by Rules and Features of the refund for each specific Service

11.5. Site Support Service has the right to ask the User, who is initiating the refund, additional documents: personal identification documents, statements, certificates, certificates and other documents confirming the reason for the return, as well as provide a bank statement / receipt when dealing with controversial financial issues.

11.6. The fight against fraud and its attempts. Executor/ Partner reserves the right to investigate any illegal and / or unauthorized use of the Site, including, but not limited to unauthorized use of robots and other automated devices in relation to the Site, and to adopt a set of appr

12. Additional Information

LTD MaxExpress

ID code: 405256574

Supervising institutions:

National Bank of Georgia ((https://www.nbg.gov.ge/index.php?m=2)

Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia (www.fms.gov.ge)

Supervisory agencies are not responsible for the improper performance of our obligations under any circumstances.

You have the right to receive information stipulated in the “Provision of mandatory information while performing Payment services to the User”, approved by the Order (No. 1/04 of January 6, 2016) of the President of the National Bank of Georgia, along with information regarding the terms of the Framework Agreement, which is available 24 hours a day on maxexpress.ge website.

The agreement and / or the existing contractual relations between us are governed in Georgian.

13. Contact Information

Current and legal address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Vake district, Vasha-Pshavela avenue, No. 45.

e-mail: support@maxexpress.ge

Website: maxexpress.ge

LLC “Max Express”
Georgia, Tbilisi, Vake district, Vazha Pshavela ave, N 45